About Us

Thanks for visiting MilMak Blades! Here is the story of MilMak Blades!

I’ve always been interested in building things and making things. From the time I was a little boy in my Uncle Jim’s shop, to the grown man I am today, there is something about making something and seeing it come to life that fuels my soul.

I made my first knife when I was 10 years old…and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My mom, my brother and I were on a road trip the summer after my dad passed away. My Uncle Ron was stationed in South Carolina at the time, and we stopped to stay with them during our road trip. He helped me make my first knife out of an old file and an old antler.

Little did I know that would spark a passion for making blades that would come back many years later.

When I was a new to the SWAT team in the city of Phoenix, I was fortunate enough to have a lot of friends in the military and tactical industry. One of them introduced me to Strider Knives, and oh man did I want one! But the paycheck of a new SWAT officer, a wife that was a part time teacher, a new baby and a new home didn’t exactly lend itself to spending $500 on a blade. So I figured, what the heck, I know how to make stuff…I’m sure I can make a knife.

And that is where it began. I bought some files, used an old hack saw and angle grinder, and bought some sandpaper. A few weeks later I had something that somewhat resembled a knife!

From there I used knife making to decompress after a long shift or shitty situation at work. I quickly became aware I needed something to do when I first got home to get my mind right. For me it was a little time in the shop, and by shop, I mean one side of the garage I had taken over.

I eventually bought a grinder and began giving away a few knives here and there. And then one day a longtime friend insisted on buying a blade. He knew how much time I put into them and was being a true friend and supporting my business. This is the first knife I ever sold! Thanks Matt!

From there I got more orders and would occasionally show a blade off at work or to some other MIL/LE guys I knew, and they would snag one.

I put in a lot of hours grinding, drilling holes, heat treating and gluing up handles. I know my wife appreciated the dust all over her car constantly!

And that is how it all started. That is where MilMak was born. And for those wondering about that name, it is the first three letters of each of our kids’ names.

We have now made and sold 1000s of blades and knives all over the world. From South Africa, Australia, Denmark, Chile, and to every state in the USA.

Our blades are designed to be used, they are designed to be tools people can use when they need something they can depend on. They are Blades Based on Purpose! THey are glades we hope will be passed on for generations.

Thank you for supporting MilMak Blades!